Medal for Distinguished Service

THA012  เหรียญดุษฎีมาลา

  • Medal (Dushdi Mala Medal) was instituted in 1882 by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).
  • Medal was awarded in five categories, each with an associated pin attached as a medal bar. They were: Ratchakan Nai Phra-ong (ราชการในพระองค์), for personal service to the king; Ratchakan Phaendin (ราชการแผ่นดิน), for service to the country; Sinlapa Witthaya (ศิลปวิทยา), for inventions benefiting the country, authorship advancing scientific knowledge, or expertise in a craft; Khwam Karuna (ความกรุณา), for charitable acts; and Klahan (กล้าหาญ), for acts of bravery in the military.