Royal and Military Order of Saint Ferdinand

ESP012 Real y Militar Orden de San Fernando

  • Order was instituted on 31 August 1811.
  • Order is awarded to military personnel, individuals or collectives, in recognition of meritorious acts of heroism and courage displaying in the defense of the country.
  • Order was awarded in two classes: with laurel (for heroism and acts of courage), and without laurel wreath (for distinguished services). Currently the order awarded in five classes: Grand Cross Laureate, Individual Laureate Cross, Collective Laureate Cross, Individual Military Medal, and Collective Military Medal.
  • There are three types of insignia: I type (1811-1815), II type (1815-1920) and III type (after 1920).
  • Ferdinand III of Castile - was King of Castile from 1217 and King of León from 1230.

Spain 1800-1900