Order of Honour

GRC007 Τάγμα Τιμής

  • Order was instituted on 18 August 1975.
  • Order is awarded to Greek citizens who are distinguished in struggles for the Fatherland, to senior executives of the public administration, to eminent personalities of the arts and letters as well as to distinguished scientists or individuals who excelled in the field of trade, shipping and industry. It is also conferred upon foreigners who, due to their distinguished position and through their personal worth, have contributed to the promotion of Greece.
  • Order is awarded in five classes: Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Knight's Gold Cross and Knight's Silver Cross.
  • There are three types of insignia: I type (1975-1977) with intertwined letters ΕΔ, the initials of ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ were placed between the arms of the cross; II type (1977-1984) without intertwined letters and with a new form of the star badge; III type (from 1984) with obverse central disc bears a portrait of the goddess Athena and the legend Ο ΑΓΑΘΟΣ ΜΟΝΟΣ ΤΙΜΗΤΕΟΣ ("Only the righteous should be honoured") on a white enamel band.