Medal for the Greco-Turkish War of 1912–13

GRC013 Μετάλλιο Ελληνοτουρκικού Πολέμου 1912-1913

  • Medal was instituted on 17 February 1914.
  • Medal was awarded to military personnel, Greek citizens, and foreigners who served in the First Balkan War.
  • There are next ribbon clasps: "EΛAΣΣΩN" (Elasson), "ΣAPANAΠOPON" (Sarantaporon), "AIKATEPINH" (Aikaterini), "ΣOPOBITΣ" (Sorovits), "ΠANITΣA" (Gianitsa), "OΣTPOBON" (Ostrovon), "ΠEΣTA" (Pesta), "ΔPIΣKOΣ" (Driskos), "KOPYTΣA" (Korysta), "AETOPPAXH" (Aetorrachi), "IΩANNINA" (Ioannina), "ΛEΣBOΣ-XIOΣ" (Lesvos-Chios), "AIΓAION-IONIAN" (Aigaion-Ionian), "EΛΛHΣΠONTOΣ" (Ellispontos), "NAYMAXIA EΛΛHΣ" (Navmachia Ellis), "NAYMAXIA ΛHMNOY" (Navmachia Linnos), "XIOΣ-ΛEΣBOΣ" (Chios-Lesvos). A crossed swords clasp was awarded for wound in action.
  • Medal was awarded with two types of ribbon.
  • First Balkan War - was the war of the Balkan League against the Ottoman Empire.