Order of the Nicaraguan Army

NIC013  Órden Ejército de Nicaragua

  • Order is awarded by the Commander-in-Chief of the Nicaraguan Army to Military Chiefs and Military Units who excel in an extraordinary way in the direction, organization, planning and assurance of military operations; of relevant combative actions that are decisive in the defeat of the adversary; as well as those who have made extraordinary contributions to institutional development and to the strengthening of the functional organizational levels of the Nicaraguan Army; to Nicaraguan authorities, officials and citizens for outstanding participation in the defense of the Homeland, territorial integrity, independence, self-determination and sovereignty of the Nation. For making large contributions that contribute significantly to the successful fulfillment of the institutional development plans of the constitutional missions of the Nicaraguan Army; to Military Chiefs, Authorities and Foreign Officials who stand out for their high merits in establishing ties of friendship and cooperation with the Nicaraguan Army or who contribute significantly to its institutional development.