Defence Force Medal for International Service

DNK016 Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste

  • Medal was instituted on 7 December 2009.
  • Medal is awarded to civil and military Armed Forces personnel who have been deployed on the international mission for a minimum of 30 days.
  • There are different medals ribbons associated with various mission including Afghanistan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Golf of Aden and the Mediterranean.
  • In 2015 was instituted Defense Force Medal for International Service 1948-2009 (Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste 1948-2009). The medal is awarded for international deployment with the Danish Armed forces any time between 1948 and 2009.
  • In 2021 was instituted Defense Force Bronze Medal for International Service (Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste i Bronze). The medal is awarded to employees who are sent to serve outside in support of or in connection with the solution of military tasks, as part of an international emergency or as part of an international force.