Order of the War Victory Cross

FSR003  Slovenský vojenný víťazný kríž

  • Order was instituted on 11 September 1939.
  • Order was awarded to persons who distinguished themselves in command of troops during the invasion of German-Slovak troops to Poland in 1939. On 14 March 1944, on the day of the fifth anniversary of the founding of the first Slovak Republic, the Order was awarded to all servicemen of the Armed Forces of Slovakia, who at that time had served in the army for at least four years.
  • Order originally was awarded in three degrees. In 1942, the fourth degree was added. From 30 November 1943, the order consisted of the following degrees: Grand Cross with collar, and five degrees, as well as a medal of the order in three classes.
  • The badge of the order is made in the form of a Slovak double cross, surrounded by radiance. If the order was intended for civilians, the glow in the center is complemented by the image of linden leaves, and for the military - the image of swords.

First Slovak Republic