The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire


  • Order founded by Queen Victoria in 1878.
  • Order awarded to British and native officials who served in India, for meritorious service.
  • Order originally had only one class - Companion, but expanded to comprise two classes on 15 February 1887. From 21 June 1887, the order awarded in three classes: Knight Grand Commander (GCIE), Knight Commander (KCIE) and Companion (CIE).
  • Collar was worn by Knights Grand Commander on formal occasions along with a mantle.
  • Companion badge awarded in three variations. I type - badge with ‘INDIA’ on the petals (1878-87). II type - badge with integral top gold brooch bar (from 1887-1917). III type - badge with neck ribbon (1917-date).

Orders of Knighthood