Order of the Vytis Cross

LTU003  Vyčio Kryžiaus ordinas

  • Order instituted on April 1927 to replace the Vytis Cross.
  • At the initial period, the Order was awarded in two grades: the First grade had the crossed swords, and the Second grade was without the swords. Each grade had three classes (the first class was the highest).
  • First grade awarded to officers and enlisted for the acts of conspicuous bravery conducted on the battlefield. Second grade awarded to honor civilians.
  • On 22 December 1930, the Order was modified to five classes.
  • Order was reinstated on 15 January 1991. The Order is conferred on persons for acts of bravery performed in defending the freedom and independence of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Vytis — the coat of arms of Lithuania.