Medal 100 Years of Agricultural and Food Public Administration

BLR037  Юбілейны медаль 100 год органам дзяржаунага кiравання сельскай гаспадаркай i харчаваннем Беларусi

  • Medal was instituted on 12 February 2019.
  • Medal was awarded to employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, committees for agriculture and food of regional executive committees, departments for agriculture and food of district executive committees, organizations included in their system, other organizations operating in the sectors of agriculture, fishing, fish farming, food production , as well as in the fields of seed production, variety testing, quarantine and plant protection, conservation and improvement of soil fertility, breeding, veterinary medicine, food raw materials and foodstuffs, melioration, mechanization and electrification of agricultural production, peasant (farm) households for exemplary performance of official duties, achievement of high results of work; veterans of labor for a significant contribution to the development of the agro-industrial complex; other persons, including foreign states, for a significant contribution to the organization of interaction between state bodies and other organizations in solving problems of ensuring food security of the Republic of Belarus.