Order of Calatrava

ESP002 Orden de Calatrava

  • Order was founded by St. Raymond of Fitero in 1157 as a military branch of the Cistercian family.
  • The papal bull confirming the Order of Calatrava was given by Pope Alexander III on 26 September 1164.
  • Most of the political and military power of the order dissipated by the end of the 15th century, but the last dissolution of the order's property did not occur until 1838.
  • The Order of Calatrava, together with the Santiago, Alcántara and Montesa, was restored as a civil association with the kingship of Juan Carlos I with the character of a nobiliary, honorable, and religious organization that remains as such.
  • Calatrava la Vieja - is a medieval site and original nucleus of the Order of Calatrava.

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