Order of the White Double Cross

SVK001  Rad Bieleho dvojkríža

  • Order was instituted on 1 March 1994.
  • Order is awarded only to foreign citizens: for the comprehensive development of relations between the state, whose citizens they are and the Slovak Republic; for the empowerment of the Slovak Republic’s position in international relations; for meeting the foreign policy priorities of Slovakia; for otherwise outstanding achievement in the benefit of the Slovak Republic or for the outstanding spread of good reputation of Slovakia abroad.
  • Order is awarded in two divisions, civil and military, and three classes.
  • The star is an eight-pointed gold breast star, with golden straight rays between the points of the star. The central disc on the star has a white double cross on a red enamel background, which is surrounded by a gold wreath of laurel and oak leaves.
  • The badge of the Order is of the same design as the star, although smaller. Furthermore, the upper point is missing and the badge is suspended on a stylized leaf of a common lime tree, with or without the crossed swords of the Military Division.

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