National Order of Honor


  • Order instituted by presidential order No 62/01 of 08 March 2018.
  • Order awarded to a Rwandan or foreign Head of State or Head of Government, the head of an international organisation or a highranking official who has distinguished himself or herself by acts promoting the interests of Rwanda in political, economic, and social welfare at national or international level.
  • Order have three classes: order in gold, order in silver with gold and order in silver.
  • Order in circular form with a condensed sunray design and color. In the center there is an eight angled star polygon in opaque green color. The seal of the Republic of Rwanda is engraved in the center and is surrounded by a circle of pantone color blue color in which is inscribed “REPUBLIC OF RWANDA” at the header and “NATIONAL ORDER OF HONOUR: AGACIRO” at the footer.