The Hero of the Kyrgyz Republic

KGZ001  Кыргыз Республикасынын Баатыры

  • The title instituted by Decree No.234 of 10 July 1996 as Highest degree of excellence.
  • The title awarded to citizens for outstanding service to the state and the people, committing heroic deeds in the name of freedom and independence of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Highest degree of excellence awarded person received a special badge "Ak-Shumkar".
  • The badge "Ak-Shumkar" is a gold and symmetrical star with eight rays of the upper level, forming a circle of 40 millimetres in diameter, and sixteen rays of the lower level, forming a circle of 30 millimetres in diameter. The outlines of the rays, the edges and the shape are all reminiscent of mountain peaks and opened up mountain tulips. The central disc of the star is framed by an embossed silver laurel wreath. In the centre of the disc is an embossed image of the sacred "Ak-Shumkar" made of silver. The clasp is presented in the form of tumar (ancient Kyrgyz mascot of triangular shape), where on a red enamel field an embossed image of tyundyuk is placed.