Medal for the Greco-Bulgarian War 1913

GRC014 Μετάλλιο Ελληνοβουλγαρικού Πολέμου 1913

  • Medal was instituted on 17 February 1914.
  • Medal was awarded to military personnel, Greek citizens, and foreigners who served in the Second Balkan War.
  • There are next ribbon clasps: "KIΛKIΣ-ΛAXANA" (Kilkis–Lahanas), "MΠEΛEΣ" (Beles), "KPEΣNA-TΣOYMAΠA" (Kresna-Tsoymagia), "NEYPOKOΠION" (Nevrokopion), "MAKEΔONIA-ΘPAKH" (Macedonia-Thraki). A crossed swords clasp was awarded for wound in action.
  • Medal was awarded with two types of ribbon.
  • Second Balkan War - was a conflict which broke out when Bulgaria attacked its former allies, Serbia and Greece.