Military Order of the Iron Trefoil

HRVS01   Vojnički red željeznog trolista

  • Order was instituted on 27 December 1941 as highest Croatian military decoration.
  • Order was awarded for acts of war, achieved by personal incentive, for efforts and good leadership in ventures, which had remarkable success against the enemy.
  • Order was awarded in four classes, the 1st Class is worn on a necklace around her neck, 2nd Class without the ribbon on the left chest, 3rd Class on ribbon on buttonhole, 4th Class on triangular ribbon on left chest. For exceptional merits the Order was rewarded togethter with Oak Branches. The recipients of the 1st and 2nd Class had right on title "Vitez" (Knight).
  • Order itself was shaped as a Croatian trefoil, made of black iron with narrow silver edges. The “leaves” of the trefoil were decorated with the Croatian braid in silver. In the middle of the trefoil was a Croatian crest (red-white checkerboard), superimposed with the letter “U” (Ustase) in blue. The obverse had the words “Za Dom Spremni” (For Fatherland) and the date 10. IV. 1941. engraved.

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