Medal For Distinction in the Maintenance of Public Order

BLR015  Медаль За адзнаку ў ахове грамадскага парадку

  • Medal was instituted on 13 April 1995.
  • Medal is awarded to personnel of the internal affairs bodies, the Investigation Committee, the State Forensic Examination Committee, financial investigation bodies of the State Control Committee, bodies and divisions for emergency situations and other citizens in recognition of: personal courage, bravery and heroism shown while apprehending offenders or dismantling criminal groups, protecting the lives and health of people; skillful, decisive and courageous actions that contributed to the successful fulfillment of military, operational and service tasks by the operational units to prevent crimes and other illegal acts; well-planned and successful actions to prevent, detect and suppress crimes, to carry out comprehensive, complete, objective and prompt investigation of these crimes and to perform forensic expert activities; well-planned and effective work of interior bodies, units of interior forces in the maintenance of public order and fighting crime; active participation and assistance provided to interior bodies and internal troops in the protection of public order, in the fight against crime and other offences.