Order of St. Gregory the Great

Ordine di San Gregorio Magno

  • Order instituted on 1 September 1831.
  • Order awarded to Roman Catholic men and women in recognition of their personal service to the Holy See and to the Roman Catholic Church, through their unusual labors, their support of the Holy See, and their excellent examples set forth in their communities and their countries.
  • The Order have three classes in civil and military divisions.
  • The badge of order bears a representation of St. Gregory on the obverse and on the reverse the motto Pro Deo et Principe (For God and Prince). The cross is suspended from a red and gold ribbon. In ecclesiastical heraldry, laymen awarded the high rank of Grand Cross can display a red and gold ribbon surrounding the shield in their personal coats of arms, but the recipients of the lower ranks place an appropriate ribbon below the shield. The difference between the civilian and military insignia is that the former group wears the cross hanging from a green crown of laurel, whereas the latter group wears the cross hanging from a trophy of arms.
  • Saint Gregory the Great — was Pope from 3 September 590 to his death in 604.