Indian Army Meritorious Service Medal 1888

  • Medal instituted on 27 July 1888.
  • Medal awarded to Indian non-commissioned officers in the British Indian Army for at least 18 years and had performed in a meritorious manner, with no court-martials, and having been entered in the defaulters book fewer than five times.
  • The medal is a circular silver medal 1.4 inches in diameter, designed by L.C. Wyon. The obverse depicts the effigy of the reigning sovereign. Around the edge is the inscription of the sovereign's regnal name and the title KAISAR-I-HIND. The reverse depicts an outer wreath of lotus flowers and leaves surrounding an inner wreath of palm leaves. Between the two wreaths is the inscription FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE. Inside the inner wreath is the word INDIA.
  • It became obsolete in 1947.



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