Medal For Love to the Fatherland

TKM016  Watana bolan soygusi ucin

  • Medal is instituted on 18 June 1996 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the declaration of independence of Turkmenistan.
  • Medal is awarded for exemplary and fruitful state and public activities to establish Turkmenistan as an independent and sovereign state and a great personal contribution to strengthening its authority; for great labor successes and merits in the implementation of state programs to strengthen the economic power of Turkmenistan, to develop all sectors of the economy, science, culture, art, education and health care; for a great personal contribution to strengthening the country's defense, ensuring security, law and order and legality; for high merits in educating young people in the spirit of love, respect and devotion to the Fatherland.
  • Insignias have been changed on 8 February 2014.