Order of Honor

TRA005  Орден Почета

  • Order was instituted on 27 September 1996.
  • Order is awarded for high performance in industry, agriculture, construction, transport, communications, trade, housing and communal services, consumer services and other sectors of the national economy; for high achievements in labor, professionalism and innovation; for the introduction of new equipment, technology, advanced experience, especially valuable inventions and rationalization proposals; for success in research activities; for creative achievements in the field of culture, literature, art, successes in teaching and educating young people, training highly qualified personnel, providing medical services to the population, developing mass physical culture and sports and other socially useful activities; for merits in strengthening the defense and security of the republic; for fruitful state and public activities; for merits in the development of economic, scientific, technical, cultural and other ties between the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and other states.