Medal For Labour Valour

TRA011  Медаль За трудовую доблесть

  • Medal was instituted on 10 September 1993.
  • Medal is awarded to workers of the national economy, science, culture, education, health care and other citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, whose total work experience is at least 15 years, for selfless creative work, increasing labor productivity and improving product quality; for the effective use of new technology and the development of advanced technology, a valuable invention and rationalization proposals; for successes in the field of science, culture, literature, art, public education, health care, trade, public catering, housing and communal services, consumer services for the population, in other areas of labor activity; for the fruitful work on the education and professional training of young people; for merits in strengthening the defense capability, state security of the republic, in protecting public order and fighting crime; for successful state and public activities; for successes in the field of physical culture and sports.