Medal for Combat Service

TRA013  Медаль За боевые заслуги

  • Medal was instituted on 10 March 1999.
  • Medal is awarded to servicemen of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, border and internal troops, employees of state security and internal affairs bodies and other citizens for skillful, proactive and courageous actions in battle that contributed to the successful fulfillment of combat missions by a military unit, subunit; for the courage shown in the defense of the state border of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika; for excellent successes in combat training, mastering new technology and maintaining high combat readiness of military units and their subunits and other merits during military service; for the skillful activity in the disclosure and neutralization of criminal groups, the courage shown in the arrest of dangerous criminals, and the successes achieved in ensuring state security and protecting state order.