Order of Montesa

ESP004 Orden de Montesa

  • Order was founded by King of Aragon and Valencia James II in 1316.
  • Pope John XXII approved the Order on 10 June 1317, and gave it the Cistercian rule.
  • The order derived its title from St. George of Montesa, its principal stronghold. It was affiliated to the Order of Calatrava, from which its first recruits were drawn, and it was maintained in dependence upon that order.
  • The Order of Montesa, together with the Calatrava, Santiago and Alcantara, was restored as a civil association with the kingship of Juan Carlos I with the character of a nobiliary, honorable, and religious organization that remains as such.
  • Castle of Montesa - is a castle in the province of Valencia, was the seat of the Order of Montesa.

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