Order of Zhukov

RUS000  Орден Жукова

  • Order instituted by Decree No.930 of 9 May 1994.
  • Order awarded to commanders of military units and their deputies from among the senior officers: for skillful organization of troops (forces) and operations in strategic areas (theatres), or military operations during which, despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, the objectives of the operation were met; for skillful manoeuvres on land and in the air to surround the enemy, enabling the defeat of superior forces; for initiative and determination in choosing a site and time of a main attack which led to the defeat of the enemy on land and/or in the air while maintaining the combat readiness and capability to further prosecute; for carrying out a defensive breakout from an enemy encirclement for a future offensive, for the organization, the prosecution, the choice of environment and the defeat of the enemy; for tenacity in repelling enemy attacks from the air, land and sea, for keeping enemy troops pinned down in designated areas of responsibility to create conditions favourable for seizing the initiative and depriving the enemy's ability to continue offensive operations; for skilful organization and management of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation stationed outside of the Russian Federation, for repelling an armed attack on them, as well as the protection of citizens of the Russian Federation from attack outside of the Russian Federation.

Russian Federation