Cross of St. George

Георгиевский крест

  • Cross instituted on 20 March 1992.
  • Cross awarded awarded to soldiers, sailors, sergeants, petty officers, warrant officers and junior officers for deeds and distinction in battle in defence of the Fatherland, as well as for deeds and distinction in battle on the territory of other states while maintaining or restoring international peace and security with recognized instances of courage, dedication and military skill.
  • Cross in four classes.
  • Cross is a 34mm wide cross pattée worn on the left side of the chest with other medals, the obverse has a central medallion bearing the right facing image of St. George on horseback slaying the dragon. The reverse of the central medallion bears the Cyrillic monogram of the Order of St. George "SG" (Russian: «СГ»). The reverse of the two lateral arms of the cross bear the serial number of the award, the left arm having an embossed letter "N" at its left extremity. The class of the cross is embossed on the reverse of the lower arm, "1-я степ" for the 1st class, "2-я степ" for the 2nd class, "3-я степ" for the 3rd class and "4-я степ" for the 4th class.
  • The crosses 1st and 2nd class are made of gilt silver, the crosses 3rd and 4th class are made of silver. All four crosses hang from the standard Russian pentagonal mount covered with an overlapping 24mm wide silk moiré ribbon of St. George.



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