Emergency Service Medal

IRL010  An Bonn Seirbhise Eigeandala

  • Medal instituted on 6 October 1944.
  • Medal awarded to officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the Defence Forces, members of the Army Nursing and Chaplaincy Services and members of the Construction Corps who, during the period which from the 3 September 1939 to the 31 March 1946, rendered the qualifying service.
  • There are 11 different versions of the medal that differ in reverse inscription according to the organisation of the recipient: 1. Na Fórsaí Cosanta (Defence Forces). Issued to regular Army, Air Corps and Marine Service. 2. An Slua Muiri (Maritime Inscription). Issue to members of the Volunteer Naval Reserve. 3. An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil (LDF). Issued to members of this force who were organised as a Volunteer Local Force. 4. Fórsa na nÓglach. Second Line Reserve (Specialists). 5. 26ú Cathlán (26 Battalion). Composed almost entirely from members of the Old Irish Republican Army, many of whom saw action against British Crown Forces prior to 1921 (Similar to LDF). 6. Seirbhíse Áltranais an Airm (Army Nursing Service). 7. An Seirbhís Séiplíneachta (Chaplaincy Service). 8. Caomhnóirí Áitiúla (Local Security Force). An auxiliary regional Volunteer Police Force. 9. Ranna Céad Cabhrac Cumann Croise Deirge na hÉireann (Irish Red Cross Society, Volunteer Aid Section). 10. Ranna Cabhair Dheontachta Cumann Croise Deirge na hÉireann (Irish Red Cross Society, First Aid Division). 11. Na Seirbhísí Réamhcuraim in aghaidh Aer-Ruathar (Air Raid Precautions Origanisation.).
  • There are two types of the ribbon: for the Regular Defence Forces and Volunteer Local Force (1-7) - red ribbon with two centre white stripes. For the other issues (8-11) - red ribbon with one white stripe.
  • Bars were authorised for each additional two years’ service. A maximum of two bars were allowed.
  • Emergency Service Medal, issued to the Merchant Marine Service (An Tseirbhis Mhuir-Tractala) with its own design and blue ribbon, awarded to the military personnel for six months of continuous service in Irish merchant ships during World War II.