Order Of The Phoenix

GRC003 Τάγμα Φοίνικος

  • Order was instituted on 13 May 1926.
  • Order is awarded to military personnel and civilians for distinguished service in public administration, science, the arts and letters, commerce, industry.
  • Order was awarded in two divisions: civil and military.
  • Order was awarded in five classes: Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Knight's Gold Cross and Knight's Silver Cross.
  • There are three types of insignia: type I (1926-1935) with obverse inscription “E.T.T.A.”; type II (1935-1975) with crown and a royal cypher on the reverse. From 1935-1949, the crosses featured the cypher of King George II, and from 1949-1974, they featured the cypher of King Paul I; type III (from 1974) without crown.