Medal for the War of 1940-41

GRC021 Μετάλλιο Πολέμου Στρατού 1940-41

  • Medal was instituted on 2 March 1946.
  • Medal was awarded to personnel of the Hellenic Army who served in Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, Thrace, or Crete and to personnel of the Royal Hellenic Navy who served in the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea or Adriatic Sea during the Greco-Italian War.
  • There are four types of the medal: with reverse inscription "1940-41 Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, Thrace, Crete" for Army and with reverse inscription "1940-41 Aegean, Ionian, Myrtoum, Adriatic" for Navy. From 1946-1983 - with the portrait of King George II on the obverse, from 1983 - with the figure of Nike on the obverse.
  • Medal was instituted on 2 March 1946.
  • Greco-Italian War - war between the kingdoms of Italy and Greece.