Defence Force Distinguished Service Medal

  • Medal awarded to a commissioned officer in the Botswana Defence Force who has completed not less than 20 years continuous service in the Botswana Defence Force. In the calculation of time, in making the award, any previous service in the Botswana Police Force of such officer shall be taken into consideration.
  • Medal shall be struck in sterling silver and plated in 24 ct gold, and shall be circular in shape with a diameter of 40 mm, the obverse consisting of a green enamelled circular border with the legend "DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL D.S.M." in gold letters, and an inner circle covered by a hexagonal plate consisting, in relief, of a laurel wreath supporting a scroll bearing the title "BOTSWANA DEFENCE FORCE" surmounted by two circles, the outer circle enamelled in bottle green bearing the legend "THEBE YA SECHABA", the inner circle enamelled in red and with the letters "B.D.F.", the inner circles being connected by crossed swords and surmounted by the Coat of Arms of Botswana, in gold relief, and the reverse having engraved upon it the name of the recipient and the date of the award.