Order for Service to the Homeland

BLR006  Ордэн За службу Радзіме

  • Order was instituted on 13 April 1995.
  • Order is awarded to military, senior and enlisted personnel of the internal affairs bodies, Investigation Committee, the State Forensic Examination Committee, financial investigation bodies of the State Control Committee, bodies and divisions for emergency situations in recognition of: exemplary fulfillment of military duties, achievement of high military proficiency of the troops in subordinate military units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Belarus established in line with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus; maintaining high combat readiness of troops, ensuring the defense capacity of the Republic of Belarus; bravery and selflessness in the execution of military duty; outstanding achievements in the enhancement of state security, protection of the national border and crime control; other services to the Homeland.
  • Order is awarded in three classes.