Order of the Handmaids of Virtue

AUH002  Orden der Sklavinnen der Tugend

  • Order instituted in 1658 by Empress Eleanor, the third wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III.
  • The charter of the order was approved by Pope Clement IX and in 1662 the order began its activities. After the awarding, the cavalry ladies took upon themselves the obligation to be virtuous and pious, to conduct charitable activities.
  • There were two types of insignia of the order: "Big" for wearing during festive ceremonies at the imperial court and "Small" for everyday use.
  • The insignia of the order was a gold medallion on which was placed a heraldic image of the sun with a human face (the sun's rays were of two types - straight and curving, each type was 16 and alternated through one. The space between the rays was filled with delicate skillful arabesques), surrounded by enamel green laurel wreath and the abbreviation “SOL. UBIQ. TRIUM. " ("Sola Ubique Triumphat" - "Triumph is everywhere" in Latin) on a white ribbon.
  • Eleonora Gonzaga - was by birth Princess of Mantua, Nevers and Rethe.