Order Of Naval Merit

ESP017 Orden del Mérito Naval

  • Order was instituted on 3 August 1866.
  • Order was awarded to members of the Spanish Naval Forces in recognition of outstanding and meritorious actions in time of war or peace.
  • Originally, the order was awarded in five classes and two categories: White Distinction (for distinguished services in peacetime) and Red Distinction (for courage and effective actions in combat). The decorations with Pension Distinction were added in 1891. The Bi-color decoration was added in 1925, in recognition of merits in peacetime with eminent risk of the life. In 1995, the classes were reduced to two and the number of categories extended to four: Red Distinction (for courage, actions, deeds or service during an armed conflict or military operations), Blue Distinction (for actions, events or extraordinary services including operations resulting from a mandate of the United Nations or of other international organizations), Yellow Distinction (for actions, deeds or service that involve high personal risk and in cases of serious injury or death resulting from such actions or service), and White Distinction (for actions, deeds or distinguished service during missions or ordinary or extraordinary service in the armed forces or in connection with defense of the country).

Spain 1800-1900