House and Merit Order of Peter Frederick Louis

GOL001 Haus und Verdienstorden von Herzog Peter Friedrich Ludwig

  • Order was instituted by Grand Duke Augustus of Oldenburg on 27 November 1838, to honor his father, Peter Frederick Louis of Oldenburg.
  • Order was awarded for civil and military merit.
  • Order was awarded in seven classes: Grand Cross with Crown, Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Officer, and Knight 1st and 2nd Class. Associated with the order were honor crosses for lower-ranking military personnel and civilians. The honor crosses were in gold, silver and iron. In 1910, gold, silver and bronze medals were added as additional lower-ranking awards.
  • All classes of the order except the medals could be awarded with swords for war merit. The laurel wreath was donated by Grand Duke Friedrich August on 21 October 1918 as the highest military award.

Grand Duchy of Oldenburg