Peacemaker Medal

BRA092  Medalha do Pacificador

  • Medal instituted by Ordinance No.345 of 25 August 1953 in honor of the 150th birthday of Luís Alves de Lima e Silva.
  • The Government of the Republic, in 1954, authorized to be worn the medal on military uniform. From 1955, the medal awarded to military personnel and civilians who have rendered outstanding services to the Brazilian Armed Forces by assisting in peaceable and strengthening relationships between the Armed Forces and allied nations.
  • Peacemaker Medal with Palm was instituted in 1962 to reward Brazilian military personnel for acts of selflessness, courage and bravery.
  • The Banner Insignia Class (Insígnia de Bandeira) was instituted in 2002, to honor military organizations and civil institutions. The Peacemaker Medal with a ribbon bow (Medalha do Pacificador com o laço de fita) was instituted in 2006, for rewarding female.
  • Luís Alves de Lima e Silva - nicknamed "the Peacemaker", was an army officer, politician and monarchist of the Empire of Brazil.

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