Marshal Trompowsky Medal

BRA093  Medalha Marechal Trompowsky

  • Medal instituted by Decree No.33.245 of 8 July 1953, to recognize the merits of personalities and institutions that provided relevant services for the teaching of Army Magisterium.
  • In accordance with Decree No. 151-Cmt Ex of 8 February 2019, the medal awarded in four classes: I - Marshal Trompowsky Medal; II - Marshal Trompowsky Medal with Bronze clasp; III - Marshal Trompowsky Medal with Silver clasp and IV - Marshal Trompowsky Medal with Gold clasp.
  • Medal awarded to military personnel of the Armed Forces, Auxiliary Forces, civilians, Brazilians and foreigners and Institutions that contributed to the aggrandizement of the Education and Culture System of the Brazilian army.
  • Armando Figueira Trompowsky - was the first Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Air Force.

Federative Republic of Brazil