Police Wound Medal

  • Medal instituted on 21 March 1990.
  • Medal awarded to Police members who while being in action was severely wounded in the execution of duty, resulting in life threatening injuries.
  • A bronzed bar with a bronzed cobra emblem may be awarded to the medal should the member be severely wounded again, resulting in a life threatening injury that merits the award of the Medal, and an additional bar may be awarded for each subsequent life threatening injury sustained by the member.
  • The medal is circular in form with fourteen points and is of a base metal and bronzed; bears on the obverse, a Greek cross superimposed over crossed swords and on the cross a Cobra snake, with head and body reared and poised, is in relief; and the cross, swords and snake are in silver; bears on the reverse, the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia in the centre and the inscription “Wound Medal” above the centre, with a POL serial number below the centre; and is attached by a suspender bar to a ribbon, 32 mm in width, consisting of vertical stripes coloured in the order gold, black, gold, black, gold and measuring, respectively, three mm, eight mm, ten mm, eight mm and three mm.