Carola Medal


  • Medal instituted on 17 September 1892 by King Albert on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Albert club, whose patron was Queen Carola.
  • Medal awarded for charity during the war and in the peacetime.
  • Medal have III classes: gold, silver and bronze.
  • On the obverse of the medal is a portrait of Queen Carola, and an inscription «CAROLA KOENIGIN VON SACHSEN».
  • There are two types of medals, which differ in the inscriptions on the reverse. The reverse of the type I (1892 - 1915) have the inscription «GESTIFTET ZUM 25 JÄHRIGEN BESTEHEN DES ALBERT-VEREINS IN SACHSEN 1867-1892 FÜR HILFREICHE NÄCHSTENLIEBE». The reverse of the type II (26 February 1915 - 1925) have the inscription "GESTIFTET FÜR HILFREICHE NÄCHSTENLIEBE".
  • The diameter of the first type medal - 27.9 mm, second - 27.95 mm.
  • Total was awarded with first type: 46 gold, 1000 silver and 1000 bronze; second type: 6 gold, 300 silver and 860 bronze.
  • Carola of Vasa - queen consort of Saxony.



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