Medal 100 Years of the Restoration of the Lithuanian Armed Forces

LTU029  Kariuomenės medalis "100 metų atkurtai Lietuvos kariuomenei"

  • Medal instituted on 24 September 2018.
  • Medal awarded for a significant contribution to the restoration and strengthening of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.
  • Medal awarded to: soldiers of professional military service who have served for at least 5 years, for personal dedication in performing the assigned tasks, ingenuity and initiative in leading the unit, performing tasks of special importance related to strengthening the Lithuanian Armed Forces, one-time tasks important for fostering Lithuanian Armed Forces traditions; soldiers of permanent compulsory initial military service - for exceptional distinction in performing tasks of special importance to the Lithuanian Armed Forces or for exceptional deeds outside service, demonstrating the values of a soldier as a Defender of the State; volunteer soldiers and other soldiers of the active reserve - who have served flawlessly for 10 years or more, for personal dedication, ingenuity and initiative, performing the assigned tasks, strengthening and nurturing the Lithuanian Armed Forces and its values; Reserve and mission soldiers who have served honorably in the Lithuanian Armed Forces for at least 5 years and have been released into the reserve (mission) who continue to cherish the values of the Lithuanian Army - for strengthening the Lithuanian Army and honorably representing it in society; civilians - for personal contribution to the strengthening of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, fostering its values; foreign soldiers - for personal contribution to strengthening the Lithuanian Armed Forces, honorable service to Lithuania, representing the Lithuanian Armed Forces, respect for its values.